Unir 2019
Understanding the Needs of Immigrant and Refugee students (UNIR) – US-France - 2019

The UNIR Project

This project is a logical follow-up to the ESAP (European School Administrator Program) project launched in 2017 by the US Department of State. The main objective of this project was to put into perspective the schooling conditions of migrant students in Europe and the United States. This project was followed up with a 3-day meeting at the ESEN (Ecole Supérieure de l'Éducation Nationale). Since then, European exchanges have continued, as transatlantic meetings, hosting American academics, mentorship of Fulbright scholars and setting up European meetings, the last of which was held in February 2019 in London and Edinburgh. This partnership is intended to be a long-term partnership, with the ultimate objective of taking better account of these students, who come from elsewhere and who have educational needs close to those of our students.

The next step

You will find all the documents submitted during the call for proposals at the American Embassy in Paris, for the UNIR project.
After the launch, this publication space will be supplied by the French and American participants in order to make the progress of our reflection better known.